Luxury Cars For Sale & To Rent In South Africa

Welcome to Car Rentals SA! If you’re looking to rent or buy luxury cars you’ve come to the right place. We love almost any luxury car out there, but when it comes to Porsche we’re totally smitten… This website and our business is dedicated to helping you find the Porsche of your dreams. Whether you’re looking to buy a brand new Porsche 911, Cayman, Boxster or maybe even a classic model like the Porsche 365 or 928 we can help. Maybe you’re not in the market to buy, but you need a luxury car to rent then we can also assist you and put you in contact with some rental owners. Are you ready to live a life of luxury with your brand new vehicle?

Start by taking a look at some of the Porsche 911 models we have available otherwise use the navigation bar at the top of the website to find more vehicles for sale and rent.

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